Reigning UBL Champ

Extremedura Toritos

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Scott Weber - WHL President
Steve Webb - EHL President
Todd McDonnel - league treasurer
Welcome to the brand new era in the Universal Baseball League. We are a free league who uses Sierra's Front Page Sports Baseball Pro '98 to simulate games. We simulate 7 game days every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night, and are currently in the midst of our unprecedented 30th season.

This is what it's all about. The WorldCup. 162 Games. Three Playoff series. All to whittle 28 teams down to one. And that team can call itself the Baseball Champion of the World.

The UBL has had a long a rich history, and will continue to set the standard for baseball leagues to come. If you are interested in looking back on the UBL, feel free to check the reports listed on the left hand side of our site... and if you are interested in joining us, send the commish an email and tell him that you're interested.

Team Pages

EHL West
- Edinburgh Plaid Sox
- Extremedura Toritos
- Liverpool Falcons
- London Clash
- Paris Isotopes
EHL Central
- Hammerfest Vikings
- Heidelberg Rote Socken
- Morocco Mayhem
- Roman Gladiators
- Stockholm Rebels
EHL East
- Helsinki Hellions
- Melbourne Beavers
- Siberia Tigers
- Shanghai Spartans
WHL East
- Central Crows
- Delaware Diamond Gems
- Pittsburgh River Rats
- Snake River Venom
- Westmoreland Bulldogs
WHL West
- Alaska Kodiaks
- Harbor Hawkeyes
- Honolulu Riptide
- Mexico City Luchadores
- Pocatello Pokies
WHL Central
- Calgary Stampede
- Detroit Polar Bears
- San Juan Destroyers
- St. Kizer Woodchucks