Available Teams

The teams and their locations were selected to provide a world-wide experience-- as much as possible-- to the league. If you have not read our policy on team movement, we suggest that you check our Constitution out.

Teams are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The claims are coming, so be sure to grab the team you want soon!

Teams in bold are still available.


Owner WHL East Owner WHL Central Owner WHL West
Cameron Akers Central Crows Matt Carlson
St. Kizer Woodchucks Dan Harbor Hawkeyes

Nedro Carmichael
IM: nedrocar

Westmoreland Bulldogs Joe Condon
IM: None
Detroit Polar Bears Scott Weber
IM: SeattleDevils
Seattle Devils
Mark DeCicco
IM: DeCicco1276
Pittsburgh River Rats Ian Strachan
Calgary Plainsmen Don Tate
Alaska Kodiaks
Stew Clinger
Delaware Diamond Gems Kevin McClure, Jr.
IM: gigharbor88
San Juan Destroyers Larry Link
IM: bijakonja
Mexico City Luchadores
IM: DogTheNine 72
Snake River Venom     Brian Blake
Honolulu Riptide

Owner EHL West Owner EHL Central Owner EHL East
James Howard London Clash Tom Lance Roman Gladiators Dale Hagstrom
IM: WGRacing2002
Melbourne Beavers
IM: Oaklandmoot
Liverpool Falcons Roy Parsons
IM: desportsfan
Alexandria Kings Sam Corey
Shanghai Spartans
Todd McDonnel
IM: Toddzilla5537
Edinburgh Plaid Sox Ken Lance
Stockholm Rebels Todd Lively
IM: TDogg6pacc
Helsinki Hellions
Adam Wunglueck
IM: OneLuckTon80
Paris Isotopes Tim Bennett
IM: timmyb422
Amsterdam Fire Ants Dave Huber
IM: cpthube
Siberia Tigers
Steve McCoyne
Extremedura Toritos Steve Webb
IM: moroccomayhem
Morocco Mayhem    

* denotes a team that is available for new ownership